Bel Air Refrigerator repair 800-315-9134

Refrigerator maintenance is recommended by every manufacturing compony.
Amana recommends to maintain your ice box every 6 to 8 month.
Whirlpool refrigerators 6 to 8 month.
Text book recommendation 3 to 15 month “depend on environment “

Seras Appliance repair 800-315-9134

Came home from work, and found water in the bottom of my refrigerator. After checking with friends, who had no recommendations for a service company, I went to Google, and found Magic Touch appliance repair. Gave them a call and they set up a time for the next day. The next morning, the technician called me and confirmed, and gave me a two hour window when he would be there.

He showed up on time, and immediately went to work. I had an idea what was wrong, but being the klutz that I am, I had no idea how to fix it. So I made a point to watch him and he had no objection – and explained what he was doing as he went along. He was quite personable, and obviously knew what he was doing. Withing a half hour it was fixed, and working.

The price was reasonable, especially when you consider he educated me on how to fix it if it ever happens again. So Magic Touch now my appliance repair company.

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Sub zero refrigerator repair 800-315-9134

Sub-Zero refrigerator repair Encino

On time, didn’t mess around and even went out to get the part and came right back and installed same day. Professional and friendly– can’t ask for more in a repair company.

Wine fridge repair Los Angeles 800-315-9134

You would be a fool to not use Magic Touch appliance repair. When you call, you get LIVE person on the phone. I had a

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"Appliance repair Redondo Beach" , Redondo Beach Appliace repair" wine Refrigerator repair Los Angeles, wine fridge repair Los Angeles, Los Angeles wine fridge repair

broken wine fridge and he was honest and upfront on the phone (pitch it – it’s not worth fixing). You just don’t find appliance service like this anymore. TRUST ME. Call this repair company if your appliance goes on the fritz and you won’t be disappointed.


Refrigerator repair Hollywood 800-315-9134

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Los Angeles Kitchen appliance repair, Los Angeles major appliance repair in Los Angeles, "Kitchen appliance repair Los Angeles"

My experience with Magic Touch Appliance Repair could not have been better. My 20-year-old refrigerator was no longer keeping things cold so my only choices were either to fix the fridge or get a new one.

I called Magic Touch on a Saturday morning and they were able to send a repair technician to my home the very same afternoon. The repair guy did a thorough analysis of the situation and he concluded, among other things, that the thermostat needed to be replaced and the condenser needed to be cleaned. He spent about an hour performing these repairs and now the refrigerator is back in business!

I was relieved not to have to buy a new refrigerator. Bottom line: I would HIGHLY recommend Magic Touch to anyone in need of refrigerator repairs.

Washing Machine Repair Hollywood 800-315-9134

My washing machine decided to stop working in the middle of a cycle on my first load of about 5 that I needed to do – of course this always happens. I was also leaving to go out of town the next day and needed it fixed asap.

I called 4 other companies before calling this one, and they were the only company that could come the next day, and within my time frame. I was told the repair man would come between 9-11am he showed up at 9:10 am ! I was very appreciative of his punctuality!

He was very polite, looked at my washing machine and instantly knew the issue. He gave me an estimate before repairing my washing machine.

Before starting he fully explained to me what the problem was, how to prevent it, and how he was going to fix it. He also showed me the part, explained how it worked and showed me how he repaired it. I greatly appreciate his attention to detail, and the fact that he was thorough and walked me through everything! I would use them again!

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GE refrigerator repair 800-315-9134

Great!! Very friendly and efficient service. In and out in less than 30 minutes!

I called in around 9 this morning to ask for a refrigerator (GE) repair . Dimitri, the guy who answered the phone was very patient with me even though I had to ask him to repeat what he said several times because I couldn’t hear him clearly (the reception is horrible at my apartment). I asked to have the repair guys come in anytime between 9 and 12.

Two guys arrived at around 11:15. Checked my refrigerator. Told me the problem. Gave me an estimate. I agreed. Then they went downstairs to get the part needed, and replaced my old one in less than 10 minutes. I asked them what might’ve caused the damage and they told me it’s due to overheating, and suggested that I leave some space between the fridge and the wall.

They were speaking Russian most of the time and the guys actually asked me if I was okay with it and assured me that they were just talking about the fridge–nothing to worry about. I really liked that :) Very friendly, respectful and made sure I felt comfortable!

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stove repair Sherman Oaks

I had some reservations about calling a company I had no knowledge of so I took a chance and called this one. Was having problems with my electric stove not getting hot enough. Was informed about the service fee which is great, but when the technician arrived I thought once he saw what was wrong was figured he was going to charge me alot, but apparently he didn’t. He told me exactly what was wrong, had to have a piece replaced which, he called a local appliance supply stored to pick up the piece. Within a few hours he returned with the part. Since I had him repair it the service fee was waived and was only charged a really good price for parts and labor and not any traveling fee. AWESOME! I would surely call them in the future if another appliance of mines break, save me alot of $$ on not having to purchase a new stove. Thank you, Oleg and Magic Touch Appliance Repair

Ashley P.
Los Angeles, CA
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Appliance Repair Arcadia, CA

Appliace repair Arcadia, CA , "Arcadia Appliance repair","Pasadena appliance repair" , "Appliace repair Pasadena" One word: Outstanding. I saw Magic Touch Appliance Repair because of a Google ad, and even though it only had one review, it was five stars, so I decided to try it. My call got answered speedily, the rep took the information about my appliance, and I was pleasantly surprised that I was offered service on the same day.

The repairman came out, neat, professional and very courteous. He did the work quickly and efficiently, and the charge for the call was amazingly low (so much so that I added a tip because I thought it was unfair to pay him so little for his time). In addition to the very inexpensive base price, I was told that there are also service discounts available. I’d give this company more than five stars if that were possible!

Arcadia, CA